Affiliate Marketing and Mass Email

If you haven’t heard the news, email marketing is not dead.  In fact, it is far from it!    Mass emailing continues to provide some of the best return on investment in the marketing industry and it’s not going away anytime soon.    However, what most small business owners don’t understand is how email marketing and affiliate marketing work hand in hand.

Email Marketing

Starting at the beginning there are many email marketing services that you can subscribe into for proper management of your databases and statistical analysis.   We will deep dive into some of these providers later, but at a glance industry leader are the likes of KlaviyoMailchimp and Constant Contact.     All of these email marketing platforms sync with the major website content management systems like ShopifyWordPressSquarespace etc.

The POWER in email marketing is re-marketing.   Look around the world at small businesses that have gone from 0 to millions in sales and the pattern is the same.  Somewhere along the line, they were able to acquire and captivate a large, engaged database.     Often this is done via a lot of hard work, making Youtube videos, streaming thousands of hours of podcasts, or producing fantastic blogs.   Others grow this fanbase via their beauty on Instagram or harnessing their dancing genius with TikTok.   No matter how the future customers are engaged, the key trick is getting eye-balls and capturing awareness in the first place.

Word of warning – buying lists is not a strategy and in many places around the world, now illegal.  Systems in the leading providers will quickly shut your list down if it’s found to have been bought or otherwise not opted into by the list participants.

Email marketing statistics

There are some key metrics you need to keep an eye on to successfully scale your email database.  Things like, cost to acquire a new email, your email open rates and clickthrough to purchase rates.  Finally, what is the lifetime value per customer.  Once you know the above numbers, it is relatively easy to mathematically work backward to structure campaigns so you are growing, and never loosing.   Or if you are into hyper-growth (at an additional risk), potentially losing in the short term in order to hit a critical mass, when you can pull back on growth and start to monetize the audience.

So now it’s clear how email marketing works and why it’s very important, how does it relate to Affiliate Marketing?

For the most part, the primary goal of affiliate marketing is to grow your network and audience.   Put another way, assuming your product or service can be bought again and again over time (consumable in nature), then affiliate programs help you to onboard new customers and get them onto your email marketing lists.

Affiliate Marketing is the single most powerful tool to grow your email database!

So what are the common ways affiliate marketing is used to capture new emails.  There are two common ways that affiliates are encouraged to reach out to their followers:

  1. Discounts that add value to their followers – allowing the first purchase to be made at a very discounted value
  2. Giveaways – this is a win-win for you and the affiliates.  A give-away needs to have people sign onto an email program, thus you capture emails for a very nominal amount!

There are more advanced and creative techniques that we will also be publishing in a book coming soon!  Stay posted to for this book

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