It started with her Mum who suffered from clogged arteries and had to be sent to the hospital for surgery. Seeing her fragile state, this incident caused her to switch to a healthier lifestyle overnight.

She believes how food can be our medicine, but it wasn't an easy feat.

It was difficult to compromise her love for desserts! Andrea always had a hard time finding healthier alternatives that contain minimal ingredients, and no preservatives or unrefined sugars in Singapore.

After countless of late-night experimentations, she managed to produce wholesome and guilt-free versions of brownies and cakes that her family and friends can't resist!

She uses real whole foods for her desserts, such as nuts, beans, rolled oats and even sweet potatoes that come with a myriad of health benefits.


A call out to foodies and fitness influencers.

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Here is the sign up https://www.shoutout.global/signup?id=s4ulz

  • https://thecleanaddicts.com/

  • https://www.shoutout.global/signup?id=s4ulz

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