Welcome to Affiliatemepro.com

Having run small businesses internationally for over 20 years, it took me over a decade before I pieced together all the tools I needed, to make the businesses a runaway success!

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we started Affiliatemepro.com for the following reasons:

  1. Educate small business owners about Affiliate Marketing and associated marketing tools that help automate and scale your business (for both online and mixed retail businesses)
  2. Feature the tools that we have reviewed to help get you started and take you to the next level
  3. Give your newly created or established Affiliate Program more exposure via our directory and other services
  4. Connect leading advocates to your program, via both exposure and also directly connecting
  5. To add move VALUE to you and your business over time!
Small Businesses need to dream big.  However, often as ‘one man shows’, we lack the knowledge, funding and capacity to run like a big business who have departments, teams and revenue.



Aside from direct approaches, Affiliate Marketing was a scalable marketing tool that I was able to implement in my own companies to take them from $0 up over $100k in revenue per month.   Yes this is not breaking the internet, but for a small business, this is the momentum that is needed to scale to a much larger size.



There are buzz words in the market, like Instagram Influencer marketing, and TikTok Viral campaigns.  For the most part, paying for posts is simply not feasible for most SME’s.   

Affiliate Marketing works on a win-win model.



Step 1. You use an ‘Affiliate Platform’ to set up your program (its fast, easy and most have free trials!) – follow this link to a list of platform options http://affiliatemepro.com/explore/?type=affiliate-programs-duplicate-1&sort=top-rated

Step 2. You reach out to these ‘stars’ and they sign up as Affiliates sign up to your program FREE 

Step 3. These influencers, bloggers, Youtube hit makers, start to use your coupons and URL links to drive traffic

Step 4.  You share a commission ONLY WHEN A SALE IS MADE


This is the key to success.  A model that can scale.  A model on a pay-per-win basis, known in the industry is a ‘CPA’ – Click Per Acquisition model


Step 5:  Promote your program!  You can always get a FREE listing here for 30 days.   So there is no risk.  We promote Affiliatemepro.com to thousands of influencers per day, so they can find you easy and you can scale together.