All About MeetEdgar For Social Media Automation

MeetEdgar is possibly the most powerful social media automation tool for an SME!

We use MeetEdgar across many of our business successfully for our social posting and we want to share this platform with you.

This article will dig into the MeetEdgar platform and dig into its:

–   Unique features compared with other platforms

–   How to use the specific tools

–   Strategies that you can use to optimise the MeetEdgar system

–   A few extra items that MeetEdgar offers

An Overview Of MeetEdgar

Having run small business for over 20 years, I know both how important social media and ‘current’ postings are for businesses, as well as what a headache it is to stay on top of all of the posts – especially if you want to shoot for Gary V’s advice of 100 posts per day!

Enter, MeetEdgar.  The Social Media Tool That Manages Itself

MeetEdgar is more than a scheduling system.   It has unlocked the ‘golden egg’ of social media posting, which is, the simple ability to recycle content. With tight integrations with the leading social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest MeetEdgar stays away from any of the ‘spam style’ management tools such as auto-likes, follow-unfollowing etc, but doubles down on enabling and ramping up your amazing content.  This means, you can focus your time and energy on what counts.


 When it comes to social media, that’s the dream; a tool that will keep your accounts updated and on track even on the days (or, let’s be honest, weeks) when you fall behind.

Whats Under The Hood Of MeetEdgar?

The MeetEdgar system is broken into 7 different tools:

MeetEdgar Tools

Here is a brief overview of each before we dive deep.

MeetEdgar Library – This is where all social media posts reside.  You can configure all posting from the library section, as well as do cool tricks such as create suggested variations and more! 

The MeetEdgar Library is where your archive of ‘forever content’ will sit.


MeetEdgar Queue – Within this section you will see the pending posts (as curated from your Library – on the timeline outlined as per your Schedule).  Don’t worry, this is not as complicated as it sounds.


MeetEdgar Schedule – Being consistent is key!  Within the MeetEdgar Schedule builder, you will be able to set specifically, which accounts you will be posting to as per a defined, weekly rolling schedule, fixed by day and time.


MeetEdgar Import – This is another HUGE time saving tool of MeetEdgar and probably something I don’t think gets enough props.   The import feature lets you add a URL to an entire blog, or pull in post by post.   This is AMAZING!  Once you get your content pulled into the library, you are all set to jump in and get to reworking and configuring your posts.  Nothing will post without your authorization, so this is a one day a month/ or week job, depending on the volume of content your creating.

You can also manage multi-sites easy

MeetEdgar Categories – If your running multiple sites to MeetEdgar, or your blog has very specific content such as:

–   Recipes

–   Educational Blogs

–   Success Story Blogs

–   Advocate Testimonials

–   Promotions

You can define categories so you can ensure posts are not going ‘wide’ across all social platforms.  Rather, your content is getting specifically directed to the right platform for the right marketing strategy and reasons.

MeetEdgar Accounts –  Basic plans can connect up to 9 social media accounts and this may be perfect for a single company running one website.  However, if you are looking for a tool that can manage your entrepreneurial spirit across MANY companies or as a digital marketing agency, then the MeetEdgar Pro system is perfect.  Connecting up to 42 social media accounts per $49 per month licence, this mean you can have potentially 10 or more companies/ sites, sharing the costs. 

MeetEdgar  History – Nothing special here.  Sometimes you want to roll back, to see what has been posted.

Unique Features Of MeetEdgar Compared With Other Platforms 

How To Use MeetEdgars Specific Tools

The best place to start with MeetEdgar is the import feature.  

When you see how easily and quickly you can import your media, you will be sold on the streamline nature of this product.

There are 2 primary ways to import your media and we suggest that you use the RSS feed, in order to capture the blog posts.   Currently we have 4 sites connected this way, across Shopify and WordPress platforms.   Once this has been set up, you wont need to import again, as the RSS feed will periodically check the blog for new posts and these will be dragged into the account!

Once that RSS feed is set up you can go and make some customisations.  For us here at Affiliatemepro we have the content automatically getting sync to both our Facebook and LinkedIn channels

MeetEdgar Import

But, you could choose to sync your posts to as many accounts as you have created across different social media channels.


The next step:

–   Creating your categories

–   Fixing the posting schedule


Once your content is all imported and sitting in the MeetEdgar Library, we need to get specific about:

–   What specifically is the content for?  So creating clear categories and

–   Deciding on the day and time each week that the MeetEdgar system will run the posts. 

Starting at Categories

You can choose to keep categories as wide or as narrow as you wish.   The benefit of being specific is that you can target the right messages to the right platforms.  Here is a quick overview

Adding a category is simple.

Click the box on the right to ‘add a category’.


Pro Tip: There is another feature within categories that is very helpful and that is the button below.  This helps you randomize content that has already been pulled in!

Shuffle Button

Once you have the categories of the content in place you want to shoot over to your weekly content scheduling view

As you can see, the MeetEdgr Sschduler is simply laid out as a calendar.  You can simply pick and choose the best times and days for your posts to push.   If you want, you can choose to push to many platforms at the same time!   Even with the same content, you can customize it per platform to make sure it is harnessing the power of the social platform as we mentioned above.

This schedule is also neat in that you can choose to ‘view only’ by specific categories or social media accounts, making it super easy to manage.


Creating new timeslots can be done in bulk – as per this screenshot, that pops up when you click the  ‘Add Time Slot’ button

Now your set:

1.   Your content is imported

2.   It is all contextual via MeetEdgar Categories

3.   The audience is set to receive the post at your given time and day of each week!

But there is more and it is possibly the biggest game-changing feature of the MeetEdgar system and this all sits within the library of posts.

Content Duplication – The MeetEdgar Unique System

As we already have touched on, the MeetEdgar system will continue to re-post content.  If you were going to re-post the same exact content and link, it will get boring/ repetitive for your audience FAST.  Given this MeetEdgar gives you a bunch of tools that you can use in the library to maximize your time and make posting even more contextual!

Here is an example of one of our posts set for Affiliatemepro that is pre-loaded

In the right hand corner you will see that we have created 4x variations of this post.  Each variation has new text, often a new image, new hashtags and may or may not include the link to the article (we will discuss this under tactics later)

You will notice in the bottom left corner the two social media sites that this post will be sent to, as well as the fact we have this set to ‘use once’.  This is the KEY and it’s important. It is highly unlikely that our audience will be consuming all of our posts.  It is even more unlikely that our audience will remember the blog article.  So by having new text we are re-engaging them, not in a spammy way.   Also, after these 4 posts the content will be considered ‘fully used’.

Here is a breakdown table for you to have a post every day – depending on # of blogs written and variations (figures have been rounded up)

–  10 posts  +  36 variations

–   25 posts + 15 variations of each 

–   50 posts + 8 variations of each

–   100 posts + 4 variations of each

As you can see, that this cumulative model of variations of posts as well as the time saved in automating, will allow you to focus on CREATING more remarkable blog content and let the machine do the posting ‘heavy lifting!’

You can also see in the example above that this post has been modified slightly between LinkedIn and Facebook.  Hashtags have been used for LinkedIn based upon the search algorithm

Time bound MeetEdgar post

Pro Tip:  If your content is time-bound or time sensitive, you can also set the blog to not repost anymore after a certain date.  This is ideal for sporting events, conferences or special occasion posts like Christmas!

If you like what you are reading here on the MeetEdgar platform click on the button below to go directly to their site to check it out! 

Strategies That You Can Use To Optimize The MeetEdgar System

Many platforms these days are very focused on native posts.

What that means is; the content is for and specifically posted on that one platform.  They do not have links that lead users off the page, or interact with the content on the platform.


This requires a little more work, but part of your MeetEdgar posting strategy should be to have around a 3:1 or 5:1 native posts, to posts that lead off-platform.  This may take a little more time in preparing your post, ensuring that there are no external links.  But, given the algorithms it is key that the posts:

  • Add value
  • Keep readers on the platform posted

This is one example of a post, where we have taken content from the blog and summarised it to form the post for LinkedIn

As you can also see, we have use MeetEdgar for #’s and @ callouts

This is ideal if you want to specifically tag a post to a brand or person.  Or within Instagram or LinkedIn, ensure that your post is aligned to a few key hashtags.

Extra’s Of MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar Dashboard

MeetEdgar is committed to ensuring you know how to use the system.   Within the MeedEdgar dashboard they not only have tutorials on how to use the system, but they also provide some excellent articles for you to up-skill on your social media knowledge, or learn some hot tips, for industry leaders.

MeetEdgar Email Analytics

Finally, the numbers matter!

MeetEdgar sends a weekly round-up email for key metrics (as per below).   At a glance you can see how many hours in a week you potentially saved, by having the MeetEdgar system on autopilot!  

For our sites, making around 15 posts a week (as a starting point), this is saving us around 2-3 hours a week.  In a month – 12 hours saved is well over $49 in savings.  However, if your site has a lot of content already, these numbers can sale out very fast in terms of efficiency and benefits to a company.

Click On This Image If You Feel $2 a Day is a GREAT DEAL!

The MeetEdgar System In Summary

We highly recommend MeetEdgar.

It is a highly valuable system to have for all small businesses.   Even if you don’t have much content at the moment, having MeetEdgar ready to step in, will help you focus on getting to the keyboard and start writing.

If you want some ideas on why blogging is important please visit our blog 100 hours of research for amazing blogs

Thank you for reading our blog all about MeetEdgar.  We have new blogs launching week! 

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