Bring structure to your brand’s Word of Mouth Marketing via Affiliate Marketing

One of the oldest tricks in the marketing book is simply the tried and true, word of mouth.

Over time brands have built reputations on the back of positive word of mouth testimonials.  Brands have executed consistent, high quality product and services, to which customers trust and respect.

This is so true, it is one of the key factors why Warren Buffett has invested in Coca Cola over time via Berkshire Hathaway.   In many interviews he has lamented about the ‘feeling’ that Coca Cola has created around its brand.  Sharing moments and remembering good times.  

Warren Buffett
Coca Cola

Just like Coca Cola, developing a narrative that supports the positive perception of your brand is critical to its ongoing growth and success.

However, times have changed, and brands don’t need to wait decades to create a powerful story.  

Affiliate Marketing has simply brought structure to this marketing methodology.   Empowering customers, partners, connections and advocates who already use, trust and love your brand to share the news is the fastest and easiest method of growing.


It’s about TRUST


If we ask most people a basic question, who do you trust the most? Usually the answer would look like the following:

– My immediate family

– My extended family and close friends

– Those people in positions of authority, such as scientists, doctors and educators

– Workmates and colleges

And so on….

Circle of Trust


Affiliate Marketing enables a brand to become personal.


By working with an influencer, you are harnessing their ‘circle of influence’.   Potential customers who you otherwise would never have had a chance to meet, you are now able to connect with and establish rapport.


It’s not rocket science.  It’s just word of mouth, in the digital age.


Affiliate Marketing Platforms help you structure remuneration.  Unlike word of mouth, where it was hard to empower and motivate people to share about your brand, Affiliate Marketing brings a framework to clearly remunerate those who do a good job!


However, with great power comes responsibility.


Like any marketing method, Affiliate Marketing could be used for the wrong intentions and also there are bad actors in the industry.  There are people who just want a quick and easy dollar, so will do anything to make ‘easy money’.   This is where spamming, auto phone calling and other tactics are used by some, to push things they may or may-not believe in.


This is why your brand should protect itself with some basic onboarding processes.

Questions like:

– Tell us about the last time you used our product or service?

– What are the things you like about our brand/ product?

– How do you plan to share our products and services – provide a blog URL, or Instagram tag


By setting up some level of due-diligence, those who are simply trying to trick the system, will be turned off and move to easier programs to manipulate.   Its not full proof, but as least you have done a small part in protecting your brand from those trying to take advantage