Frictionless Revenue with Affiliate Marketing

Looking at macro economics the world it currently being flooded with money from central banks.  The issue is that most of us will never see a dime of that money, mainly because for the most part we own and earn mainly slow moving tangible goods such as a salary, selling physical products or owning property.
So would you like to know how to capture some of the money about to start sloshing around the system?
If we leave aside highly liquid asset vehicles such as stock markets and forex then we are really looking at two major opportunities. These two sides of the coin who will be the winners in catching the ‘raining money’ from central banks over the coming years:
The Sell Side 
On the sell side, you NEED to have a product that can be sold nationally if not internationally. It should be digital and scalable so you never need to stop selling.
The ideal product to have in this market is one that is helpful to a wide audience in your area of expertise or passion. This has never been easier to create and deploy with sites such as Shopify and Affiliate Platform to drive exposure
The Promoter Side 
This is for the slightly less adventurous, who rely more on their personal brand. The promoter is the person signing up to the Affiliate Programs and using the content which has been made for you, to make MONEY
With so many social media options available to us now, it has never been easier to capture the market.
Are you set up for the avalanche of liquidity?
Are you ready to scale?


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