Creating Positive Reinforcement Loops with Affiliate Marketing

It is one thing to set up an affiliate marketing program, but trying to get your affiliates to post and to be successful on your program can be challenging. This article will give you some basic steps on how to get your affiliates engaged with your program and set you both up, for long-term success.
By now, you should be sold on the potential return of an affiliate marketing program. It is highly likely content that you have made for other purposes, could be reused and re-shared by your affiliates.
What motivates affiliates is one thing;
The easier it is for your affiliates to make commissions, the more powerful and explosive your affiliate marketing program will be. This is a positive reinforcement loop in action.
Hooked Model
Some of the most successful Affiliate Programs around the world are those that have:
– Extremely high commission margins
– Those that are subscription-based and/or reoccurring, by being attached to a consumable product 
Given most of us are unable to control what our product is (because we have spent so many years building our business is around it) we have to adjust and do our best to enable affiliate marketers to make the most out of our product/service, irrespective of what it is.
Some of the easy ways to enable affiliate marketers are:
–  Provide collateral including images and suggested posts
– Have ‘done it for you’ blog posts, email shoutouts and video boiler clips ready
–  Get them on a group chat such as Telegram or WhatsApp where you can reengage them and let them know about new things coming up
–  Keep your program fresh by changing images every one or two months, changing content that they can post and providing incentives
Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels even has the suggestion of trying to create a relationship with your affiliates that goes far beyond the affiliate marketing. This could include sending pizzas around to their house or a bunch of flowers for a birthday or anniversary!  He has even written a book called Traffic Secrets that is all about these very tricks and more.
These over and above gestures certainly help create the environment for a very engaged affiliate system.
………………………. BUT THERE IS MORE
As you are a small business owner, it is highly likely that you have a very special skill set over and above your product or service that you’re selling, that enables you to have a strategic advantage within your business.  This may be things like: 
–  Graphic design
–  Content creator or an editor
–  Marketing or advertising skills
The list could go on.
Most of your affiliates have businesses themselves, or are doing affiliate marketing as a ‘side hustle’. By bringing your specialist skillset to them, offering them some time or advise, is a great way to set you program apart! This may be an hour or two every month, or it could be a ‘prize you offer’ for a top performing affiliate. 
No matter the structure, you are providing something amazing that other programs are not.
Loyalty is not overrated, building a loyal advocate program is as important, as building a loyal customer database. Raving advocates that are making great commissions and getting paid out on a monthly basis, will continue to drive for your products again and again. 
Keep striving and driving your positive reinforcement loop!


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