Setting up a High Traffic Funnel using Affiliate Marketing

We can all agree. The success of any site starts with the amount of traffic you have coming to the site. It is a fact, no matter how beautiful, creative or sophisticated a website is, if you have no traffic, you will make no sales.
Given this, we wanted to outline an idea for a high traffic funnel that you could use to drive new visitors to your site and get them into your database.
Step 1. Develop a digital product
A digital product is requires one time effort to create, however it is the key component to unlocking massive site visitors. A digital product should sell on your site for $9.90 -$29.90.
Step 2. Assuming you have an affiliate platform and program in place, you offer a bumper commission to your affiliates on your digital product. This may be up to 90% of the sale!
Why do we offer such a high commission on this first step?
Remember our goal is MASSIVE site traffic!
So it’s all about incentives. Affiliates want to make the most commission possible. So offering a very high % on this digital product incrementally costs you no extra money to produce or distribute. However, as a business you are accumulating a database for FREE.
The database that you acquire is extremely important and valuable.  Re-marketing via email, using an email marketing system like Kalviyo is ideal to start relationship building with these clients over time. The end goal is to bring some of them back to order products or services from you over time.
And that’s it. Repeat that model again and again
Take Clickfunnels as an example business and Russell Brunson. Clickfunnels has a site that is purpose built to create a funnel system as per the above. But, they also have many Affiliate Marketing extensions off the back.
Check out an example here:
The goal of the Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing strategy is per the article above.
  1. Give something free
  2. Have an upsell and reward the affiliates
  3. Continue to upsell over time
The best news is that most MNC’s have not moved on this marketing model yet. It is simply cheaper for them to buy advertising rather than working on this Affiliate basis. Given this, there is an opportunity right now to take advantage of the lag time of MNC’s and for you to scale your SME before the market shifts (just like it did for Search Advertizing and Advertizing on Social Media)